Responsibilities : 职责描述


  • Fast prototyping of VFX solutions that convey ideas well, working with designers and art leads to establish gameplay clarity and maintain visual consistency.
  • Hands-on VFX creation that establishes a high bar for VFX style and quality, working closely with the team to conceptualize and implement a VFX style that fits the project’s art & creative direction as well as supporting gameplay goals and the desired player experience.
  • Cover all aspects of VFX development from early prototyping efforts to validate the gameplay thesis, style & look development during pre-production, as well as problem solving and troubleshooting to ensure good solutions for future production goals and challenges.
  • Provide modular solutions that allow non-VFX artists, especially Game Designers to quickly prototype ideas with placeholder VFX.
  • Create VFX style guides and frameworks around shape language, contrast, and clarity, to help your team and outsourcers to understand constraints and execute well.
  • Partner with Tech-artists & engineers to drive cross-disciplinary collaboration to ensure that all assets are appropriately optimized, as well as stable workflows that are flexible and sustainable.
  • Help us consider and manage outsourcing and contractor solutions, as well as explore new technologies and production techniques that can help us maintain an edge of efficiency in line with evolving industry standards.
  • VFX解决方案的快速原型设计 能够很好地传达想法 与策划和美术同事合作 建立游戏玩法清晰度并保持视觉一致性
  • 亲自进行VFX创作 为VFX风格和质量树立高标准 与团队密切合作 根据项目美术和创意方向 构思并实施VFX风格 并支持游戏玩法目标和所需的玩家体验
  • 涵盖VFX开发的各个方面 从早期为了验证游戏核心论证的原型开发 到前期开发期间的风格和外观开发 以及问题解决和故障排除 以确保为未来的生产目标和挑战提供良好的解决方案
  • 提供模块化解决方案 使非VFX同事 尤其是游戏策划能够使用临时的VFX快速呈现想法
  • 围绕形状语言 对比度和清晰度 创建VFX风格指南和框架 以帮助您的团队和外包商理解约束并保证良好执行
  • 与技术美术和程序同事合作 推动跨学科协作 确保所有资产得到适当优化 以及灵活 可持续的稳定工作流程
  • 帮助我们考虑 管理外包和承包商解决方案 并探索新技术和生产技术 帮助我们根据不断发展的行业标准保持效率优势

Required Qualifications :


  • 5+ years of professional experience as a VFX artist in games
  • Portfolio / reel that showcases high-quality Real-time VFX in modern 3D development pipelines.
  • High proficiency in all aspects of VFX development, including fundamentals like timing, shape language, animation principles, color theory, and mesh engineering.
  • Experience with Stylized VFX creation that leverages hand-painted skills, well executed flip-book animations as well as current gen VFX simulation techniques and shaders.
  • Highly experienced with Unreal (UE5 preferred) and Niagara system for VFX creation.
  • Highly experienced with mobile-game VFX development and mobile performance optimization.
  • Advanced skills in 3D / 2D Software such as Maya, Photoshop, Houdini etc
  • Experience working with multiple platforms and their respective memory, performance and hardware limitations.
  • Multiple shipped mobile or AAA game titles.
  • 拥有 5 年以上游戏VFX美术的专业经验
  • 展示现代 3D 开发流程中高质量实时 VFX 的作品集
  • 精通VFX开发的各个方面 包括计时(timing) 形状语言 动画原理 色彩理论和模型工程(mesh engineering)等基础知识
  • 拥有利用手绘技能 序列帧(flip-book)动画以及当前一代VFX模拟技术和着色器进行风格化VFX创作的经验
  • 有丰富的用Unreal (UE5 首选) 和 Niagara 系统进行VFX创作的经验
  • 在移动端游戏的VFX开发和性能优化方面拥有丰富经验
  • 熟练掌握Maya Photoshop Houdini等3D / 2D软件
  • 具有使用多平台的经验 熟知各自的内存 性能和硬件限制
  • 具有多款已发行的移动或3A游戏经历

When submitting your application, please provide a portfolio of your high-quality VFX art – including stylized artwork. With samples of where you have created VFX concept art and taken it through to finished implementation.

And as a part of the application process, you may also be asked to complete an art test.

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Job Overview
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