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Serius Games is an indie game studio based in Portugal. At Serius Games we believe in creating games we would love to play. If something sounds like fun, even if we can’t quite understand why, we like to just go ahead and make it. What matters in the end is how the game makes us feel, not what any particular game design theory or usage statistic might say.

Vasco Freitas is the only full-time developer at Serius Games. He programs and designs all games on this site, and frequently partners with freelance art and sound designers to create the game visuals and audio.

Frederico Martins is a graphic designer specialized in 3D modeling. He is Serius Game’s main graphic designer, having worked on all the G-Switch games, Freeway Fury games, and Randobot. In his free time he enjoys practicing the portuguese martial art of jogo do pau.

Francisco Furtado is a sound engineer and music composer. He created the music and sound effects of most of our games, such as for the G-Switch series, Freeway Fury web games and Randobot.

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