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1989 – When I was 7 years old, I was finally able to buy a Commodore C64 – after 1 year of saving up for it. Couldn’t afford the considerably better and next gen Atari STE 1040 though. With my younger brother Adrian I played along till the power supply overheated and we had to take a break. It’s with a lot of fondness that I look back on those days, because they made a huge impression on me.

After I broke off (!) my 3rd joystick trying to beat ‘Summer Games’ the Gameboy arrived along with Tetris. At school we swapped cartridges during breaks – and, of course, blew into them for cleaning. I think that was the first time I ever experienced a gamer community.

Next was a Super Nintendo on which I played Super Mario, Metroid Prime (with hint book) und International Superstar Soccer DELUXE until I almost fainted from lack of sleep. Eventually I switched to an Intel Pentium PC with 166 MHz that I had overclocked. Looking back I realize that I must’ve been one of the very first nerds at my school.

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