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Author’s Note: Generally reticent to speak of their past, or anything else The Two Guys aren’t in the mood for, most of this information is drawn from raw hearsay and relies heavily for the rest on the Encyclopedia Wiktannica (as well as several things seen written on walls in one of the old Sierra men’s rooms, some of which can not be safely reproduced here).

It is said they were born sometime in the distant future, having originated from some little freakazoid planet somewhere on the bad side of the wormhole in the boonies of the Andromeda Galaxy. Good luck finding THOSE birth certificates! At some point after venturing away from their home planet and trying to pick up some work by standing outside a Code Depot, they were snatched up and forced in to slave game labor by a low rent, low quality game mill called ScumSoft, owned by a rather unpleasant but incredibly round humanoid by the name of Elmo Pugg. Elmo had a chip on his shoulder but was also driven by the need to be seen as some great game developer by those who would be his peers. It’s an industry in which you occasionally find these people.

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